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FEATURE FILM (unproduced)

Safe Word

2017 2nd Round of Consideration Sundance Screenwriter's lab

2017 Project Greenlight/Shudder top 5 finalist

When a traumatized dominatrix meets a sexual lycanthrope,  a vigilante duo is born in this modern horror spin on a classic fairy tale.

Norma Dee

FEATURE FILM (unproduced)

2014 Final Draft Big Break Contest Quarter-Finalist

A slave to her insanely controlling mother, Norma Dee makes a new, rebellious friend at the school she works at and quickly learns how to push her boundaries until she has a violent psychological break.

Sugar Plum

FEATURE FILM (unproduced)

A 13-year old girl must choose between a fresh start and avenging her mother's killer in this western revenge adaptation of the Nutcracker. 
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